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sábado, julho 9


pix_L (b. 1988) is a young man interested in deep bass electronic music.
Being a big enthusiast of the electronic sounds, and influenced by his
close friends and his brother, he fast developed a big appetite for learning how to mix.
Altough his first steps in DJing were taken in house music, it didn't take long for
him to get sucked into the beautiful sound of the "Break", making a turn into Drum and bass.
In his short track record he includes gigs a bit over central and northern
Portugal (Porto, Aveiro, and Coimbra).
His wide variety of influences (Hip-Hop, Rock, Soul, Classic, among others) are
marked all over his sound, resulting in a eclectic approach to the sounds of Drum&
Bass, Dubstep, and Electro/breaks, that is selected carefully, according to dancefloor vibes,
and with the ravers as his main concern.

"For this 4-hour b2b Liquid Session PIX_L invited his friend and deejay VS to 
help shaking the floor. See you there!" MN

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