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sexta-feira, fevereiro 17


Sábado dia 18 de Fevereiro com início ás 22h - Exposição/performance de Sam Evans, artista australiano a residir por tempo limitado em Portugal. Performer no evento APU vs SAM EVANS (turntablist vs graffiti artist) Sam é também autor da pintura na escadaria traseira do MN, na saída para a viela (Tr. do Tenente Resende).

SAM EVAN'S TEASER (video by Diogo Louro)


My name is Sam Evans AKA Gary Phillips, I paint big with a spray can and small with a brush, I draw, make things with my hands and try to get whats inside outside. I grew up in a small coastal town in South Australia. I have been doing this 'art' thing for as long as I can remember, but it wasn't until 2005 that I saw some potential in painting as a way to escape working for the man. Now I make pictures about the man and people give me money for it from time to time. So, since 2005 I have been wandering around, taking the narrow path followed by a wider path followed by a narrow path. I am now on the narrower path since a twist of fate and poor time skills landed me in Portugal. 

Sam Evans

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