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domingo, novembro 6



TV Buddhas are an Israeli new wave/garage band, currently based out of Berlin, Germany. For the past four years, the band has been one of Europe’s most prolific and hardworking DIY acts, touring almost constantly, some years more than 200 nights in a row. Their music echos that of early 80s guitar driven punk-rock, in all its naivety and pathos, and is reminiscent of bands like The Wipers, Husker Du and even The Ramo...nes. Their lyrics deal mostly with outsider-ism, failing in life, going nowhere, and TV addiction.
A new 7" (titled "Hello To Loneliness/Just Another Day In My Head") will be released on October 22nd by the Berlin based label Staatsakt (Bonaparte/Ja, Panik) and distributed throughout Europe by Rough
Trade. Recorded and mixed in Berlin in one day, and mastered in Chicago, this 7" is the first of five planned singles to be released one after the other during the course of one year. Each one of these 7"s will be recorded in a different place, at a different time, some while on the road touring. In addition to the 7”, the band has filmed and released an offbeat tour journal of their first, and highly disastrous US tour, titled :”Band In The Modern World”.

The entire movie can be watched here

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entradas: 4 euros | 3 euros (pré-venda ou reserva até ás 18 h do próprio dia)

tickets: 4 euros | 3 euros (pre-sale or reservation before 6 pm in the day)


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