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domingo, agosto 7


Minimal Wave | Coldwave | MinimalPorn | SynthWave | SynthPunk | SynthSomething

carefully picked by Minimal M and Operator G

Minimal Wave is a contentiously named genre of electronic music which focuses on electronic, pre-MIDI instrumentation and themes of sincere, rather than ironic, detachment. It comprises obscure, atypical examples of genres such as New Wave, Minimal Electronic, Minimal Synth, Synthpunk, Synthpop, Post-punk, Coldwave, Electroclash and Electropop. Although much Minimal Wave music was created in the late 1970s and early 1980s and subsequently appeared on bootleg and one-off compilations, the genre didn't have a name until a record label of the same name began releasing compilations and reissues in the mid-2000s

(22.30/10.30 / free entrance)

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